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"Co-dependence is the bedrock of the nuclear Iranian family" -Kat
Kat Satrapi doesn't know how to let go....
All her life it’s just been the three of them: Kat, her mom, and her dad. But the American dream isn’t always fulfilled, and with no financial means left to survive in the US, Kat’s parents will have to move back to Iran. But not if Kat can help it...
Deep in the middle of her last year of med school, Kat becomes obsessed with finding the extra cash needed to keep her parents' American Dream alive. And so begins her journey as a professional hugger in the racially diverse but rapidly gentrifying Oakland, California.
Tree logo Through embracing strangers, Kat discovers that her clients aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of such an intimate human connection, and that letting go doesn’t mean being alone.
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Mommy and Daddy joon
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Kat & Mo
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"I was fixing this lady’s water meter. She was fine as fuck, and I’m thinkn to myself, some fellatio would be nice right now. But her boyfriend’s standin right there. Next thing I know, I’m being fellatio’d. I’m being cuckholded, blood. All because I believed." - Mo
The Crew
"White men are the worst. Sorry, Fred." - Nava
"Nava, I can only request - well, suggest - that as a woman of color, you never feel the need to apologize to me" - Fred
"I'd rather have sex with a hot tree than an ugly girl" - Benny
"I feel you, but I don't like thinking about it" - Aysa
The Clients
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